Skanky English comedian Russell Brand has a superhero dream, we’re told.

“I wore George Clooney’s Batman suit. There were areas where his sweat had accumulated, which I would have had near me, so maybe I have some Clooney power soaked in by osmosis into my perineum,” he joked.

Please, just stay away.

We do not need you. Just go back to Katy Perry and we’ll pretend it never happened.


  1. I luv Russell Brand. His NY Times Bestseller, MY BOOKY WOOK, sits next to my bed [on top of my weekly comics and graphic novels]. He takes the proverbial piss and can crash my pad for, anytime.

  2. I worked with Brand years ago on a radio ad campaign. He was professional, sweet and a pleasure to work with and he invited us all for drinks afterwards. What’s not to like?

  3. Is anyone else bothered by the way it always seems like Brand’s mustache and nose hairs are connected? It’s like his mustache grows OUT of his nose. (It’s not really visible in the picture above, unfortunately.)

  4. Russell Brand is great, he’s one of the rare comedians who is actually naturally funny. He would make any movie more interesting (especially any dreadful superhero movie).

  5. Russell Brand is a total tosser, pig ignorant…have you seen him on the Monty Python Lawyer’s Cut documentary…the guy can barely string a coherentsentence together.

  6. Aw, now, I love me some Russell Brand! I’m the proud owner of a signed copy of My Booky Wook. He’s always intelligent, articulate, and wickedly funny, anytime I’ve seen him on a talk show.

    I prefer him with Noel Fielding to him with Katy Perry, myself, but we can’t always get what we want.

  7. Wait! Russell Brand is a real person? I thought he was character. Kind of like how Andy Kaufman had all his personalities he would play on stage.

  8. Thank goodness Russell had the decency not to include the ‘Bat credit card’ or a certain reviewer whose name is Nostalgia Critic would be going absolutely berserk.

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