DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: October 2010

The “Return of Bruce Wayne” and “Brightest Day” brands continued to be the driving force behind DC’s periodical output in October. While most of the Batman books were on hiatus, a bunch of one-shots, collectively titled Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, filled the gap. Other October releases include the low-profile miniseries Knight and Squire and JLA/The 99. Consequently, average sales of the DC Universe line remained relatively flat.

51,658 people tried to buy Comic-Con passes today

TicketLeap, the company tasked with handling the onslaught of ticket requests for San Diego, has analysis of how it went. With numbers. What happens when 51,658 people try to buy 1,000 Comic-Con tickets all at once? TicketLeap’s system stumbled briefly but then recovered to fulfill all the orders successfully. We had eight super powered servers […]

Comic-Con International manages to sell 1000 tickets in 60 seconds. UPDATE: Next announcement in January

Well, the test seems to have worked in that Comic-Con International was able to actually sell 1000 tickets. But it all happened so fast.

People logging into the TicketLeap site were able, after some hanging, to get in and register for tickets. But according to Jonah Weiland, who joined with others to attempt to buy tickets, within moments, a “Checkout failed: Not enough tickets remain for the event to fulfill your purchase” result came up. So about 1000 tickets were sold in 60 seconds. Given the 250-requests-a-second that David Glanzer referred to yesterday, that’s not hard to believe.

Cartoon Movement launches

Cartoonist Matt Bors, who recently went to Afghanistan undercover, writes to tell us about Cartoon Movement, a new site devoted to editorial comics from a worldwide cadre of cartoonists. In his letter he notes that “Unlike other websites, we pay our contributors and and are working to make this a sustainable enterprise.” He’ll be covering his Afghanistan trip for the site. Above cartoon by Israel’s Shlomo Cohen. PR below.