A month of Previews: Elmer #1, part 1

I’m going to cheat here a little by breaking up the first chapter of ELMER, by Gerry Alanguilan, which is collected this month by Slave Labor. Originally published in the Philippines as a mini-comic, it’s many things: a bizarre SF social satire in the style of George Orwell or (as one reader suggested to me) Poul Anderson’s Brain Wave — and also Adam Hines’ recent Rex the Wonder Dog, which has some of the same themes treated very differently. It’s also a beautiful example of the Filipino komiks school, all lush penwork and atmosphere. it’s also just a good read.

Because it’s the whole first chapter I’m going to break it up over two days. Tune in tomorrow for the second part.

Aunt May Watch: Separated at Botox

Okay so Sally Field has been cast as Aunt May. Hiring a bone density spokeswoman to play a frail old biddy who was always clutching her heart is puzzling, but hey, it’s the 21st century.

The Hardy Boys in: The Secret of Stan Lee’s Garage

This video of Stan Lee being confronted with the original art for FANTASTIC FOUR #12 for the first time in 47 years or so (or if he did, he probably forgot) is undeniably touching.

But it also contains secret clues to the biggest treasure trove of all, Robert Langdon!!!!

We should use this more often

We totally forgot about this photo from 2008 NYCC. It was taken by Vaneta Rogers but the original is gone.

So useful!

Amazon's Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2010

It’s starting! PW’s Best Books will be out on Monday, but here’s the Amazon editors’ choices for the year:

Diamond: Graphic novels sales up 13 percent from a year ago

Diamond just released the top ten and market share reports for October and added comparative –monht to month and year to year — charts for the first time. Paging Paul and Marc! The comparisons are not comforting but actually show graphic novel sales up 13% from a year ago. Superman Earth One was a big hit, and The Walking Dead Effect is supplanting the Watchmen and Scott Pilgrim effects.

MCM Thieves

It wasn’t all fun and games at MCM last weekend. The folks at DDR:UK had some supposed journalists steal from their booth Sunday morning. Thankfully the perpetrators were caught, but come on people, don’t do this. On Sunday the 31st of October 2010, at just past 9am in the morning, our webcam was running to […]

A week of Image teasers: Day 5

What is going on here!!!