It wasn’t all fun and games at MCM last weekend. The folks at DDR:UK had some supposed journalists steal from their booth Sunday morning. Thankfully the perpetrators were caught, but come on people, don’t do this.

On Sunday the 31st of October 2010, at just past 9am in the morning, our webcam was running to ensure that items on the stand were not being tampered with, and also to act as a security system in case anything were to happen.

What we saw a few moments later is what you see in this video, a pair of shoplifters, just waltzed onto our stand and walked of with items from our shop. To make matters worse, these were PRESS, with full PRESS passes.

Thanks to the Expo Security, ExCeL Security, the Police and the Expo organisers for sorting this out in such a short space of time.

And a link to the Youtube video of their security footage, because I can’t seem to embed it.


  1. theft is the reason why one (pro or fan) should never, ever leave anything just laying around at one of these shows. someone will just walk off with it without a second thought. glad they caught these two ass-wipes.