PSA: Marc-Oliver Frisch is alive and well

Just a quick note — DC sales figures for August are, as you have seen, VERY late this month due to actual work for Marc-Oliver. He assures me he IS working on it, however, and we’re hoping to have it finished imminently. Thank you for your patience.

Rich French people don't like Murakami

If we could fly, we’d blast over to Versailles to see the spectacular show by Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami currently housed there. The opulent palace built by French monarch Louis XIV (The Sun King) is perfectly complemented by the extravagant work by the great Murakami, who has worked with capitalist icons like Louis Vuitton in the past and whose work often engages with materialism. However, Prince Sixte-Henri de Bourbon-Parme, a descendant of Louis XIV, feels the show is slumming for the historical landmark.

Sequel: Ten Things To Know About the Future of Webcomics

With the Garrity Doctrine igniting uproar all over the intertubes, Webcomic Overlook’s El Santo presents a rebuttal of sorts, Ten Things To Know About the Future of Webcomics. While any kind of manga-vs-webcomics fight is silly — they are parallel and non-competitive — lists are always fun. He admits a lot of the list is quite off the cuff, but a couple of points strike us as especially pertinent: