Times are tough, people. Several folks in our comics community can’t pay the rent this month and are raising funds via selling cool things. Help them out if you see fit.

Long-time blogger and commentator Alan David Doane is selling some very cool comics lots. Check to see if something missing from your collection is on the list.


Meanwhile, future cartooning star Chuck Forsman has just moved to Providence along with fellow cartooner Melissa Mendes, and things are tight this month, although both have jobs. So to raise rent money, Forsman drew a series of strips in the style of E.C. Segar telling the story of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. He is selling posters of these for $20 apiece. It is our firm belief that in future days, seeing one of these posters on your wall will be a mark of Forsman, if you will, that you support the future and you support indie comics.

AND although he can pay the rent okay, just to tie in the E.C. Segar thing, Ben Towle recently drew the ’80s X-Men in that style.