Witchlands is a long-brewing ongoing series by Kurt Busiek and artist Conner Willumsen, which has been delayed by this and that and then was planned to come out from WildStorm but is now coming out from…parts unknown. Whoever is publishing it, it’s going to look great, as Busiek has just posted a few preview pages. Willumsen has long been a Beat Future Star pick, and the cover by Zachary Baldus is equally fabulous.

We did contact Busiek to ask about the publishing situation and he said that while it was planned to come out from WildStorm, following that imprint’s shut-down, “it will likely be coming from somewhere else within DC.”

Originally announced as a book called American Gothic, Witchlands will be a wide-ranging fantasy, as Busiek told Newsarama in 2009:

American Gothic is a wide-ranging series about magic and myth, set in America and dealing with American mythology as a setting, a context for a wide variety of stories. We’ll cover things from the story of a long haul trucker whose wife died when he was on the road, so he never had a chance to say goodbye, who finds himself driving her ghost on to her final reward; the story of a girl in an economically-depressed fishing town who discovers that the Norse god Thor is living in exile on a coastal island nearby; the story of some college students who accidentally resurrect Ninkasi, the Sumerian goddess of beer; the tale of a voodoo priest, called in to deal with the unquiet ghost of a murdered business; the story of a washed-up cooking-show host, whose quest for the perfect burger leads him out of the real world and into the borderlands of Hell, and more. Lots more.