Killing RSS

Well, the RSS spam crisis seems to have passed. We called the web host and after a hold of a mere 45 minutes they ran a clean-up program and found the offending files which had been embedded in the theme folders. Not sure how the original hack occurred, but there are a lot of WordPress vulnerabilities that still exist.

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: July 2010

The “Brightest Day” and Batman titles continued to be the driving force of DC’s comic-book line in July. The publisher’s overall performance in the periodical direct market remained more or less flat, consequently. The most prominent new release of the mainstream DC Universe line, and maybe a bit of a wildcard for retailers, was the debut of Batman: Odyssey, a six-issue miniseries by writer/artist Neal Adams, who is still something of a high-ticket name, but hasn’t actually produced a substantial comics project in decades.

At Vertigo, overall sales were slightly down in July because Fables, for all intents the imprint’s flagship series, didn’t come out. At WildStorm, the numbers were slightly up because of two new miniseries debuting above the 10K mark.

See below for the details, and please consider the small print at the end of the column. Thanks to Milton Griepp and for the permission to use their figures. An overview of‘s estimates can be found here.

PREVIEW: Marvel introduces the Black Panther without Fear

So it seems that Daredevil is going bye bye for a while — DAREDEVIL was supposed to “end” with issue #512, with the Man Without Fear all caught up in the events of SHADOWLAND. Now it turns out that the title will start up again with issue #513 — but starring the Black Panther. Author David Liss (A Conspiracy of Paper) will write the relaunch, with art handled by Francesco Francavilla. Solicitation copy suggest that taken from his natural setting and sundered from the doodads and moolah that come with being king of Wakanda, Black Panther will find himself having very different adventures in Hell’s Kitchen.

Green Lantern gets snack balls, scary ride

With the Green Lantern movie underway for delivery in 2011, the emerald warrior is getting all kinds of promotions to make sure that by the time Ryan Reynolds has been on 100 junkets, everyone will know who Green Lantern is. And to that end, he’s already being licensed out the wazoo.

For instance, the Asbury Park Press tells us that Green Lantern is getting his own roller coaster at the Great Adventures in New Jersey. The ride — 15 stories of 63 mph mayhem — will open to coincide with the movie.