With the Green Lantern movie underway for delivery in 2011, the emerald warrior is getting all kinds of promotions to make sure that by the time Ryan Reynolds has been on 100 junkets, everyone will know who Green Lantern is. And to that end, he’s already being licensed out the wazoo.

For instance, the Asbury Park Press tells us that Green Lantern is getting his own roller coaster at the Great Adventures in New Jersey. The ride — 15 stories of 63 mph mayhem — will open to coincide with the movie.

The newest coaster will offer a 2 minute ride and will begin with a 45-degree vertical drop before rocketing riders through five inversions … including a 121-foot-tall loop, a 103-foot dive loop and a 72-foot inclined loop.

Some dedicated Wikipedia editor suspects the GL ride is the same as the Change ride which set records when it opened in Kentucky in 1997, so this is sorta kinda what it will look like:
If peeing your pants Batman-style on the Green Lantern ride isn’t enough for you, you can also yak up Green Lantern-related merchandise, via Hostess’s recently unveiled Green Lantern Glo Balls, a fluorescent winter version of the once-popular Sno Ball. DC’s Rickey Purdin discovered the snack cake at a supermarket, and gave us this haunting image:

The background reveals that Hostess is also making Flash cakes. According to the Hostess website, these branded variations tend to be seasonal:

Today, Hostess mostly produces the original white-colored Sno Balls around the winter holidays, with other colors appearing for different seasons. You’ll find Scary Cakes and Glo Balls (orange and glow-in-the-dark Sno Balls) during Halloween, Lucky Puffs (green Sno Balls) for St. Patrick’s Day and Hoppers (lavender colored Sno Balls) in the Spring.

You might say that at Hostess, they have balls for every taste. And my mouth’s watering just thinking about those Balls!

While the Glo Balls would seem to be the outer limit of GL tie-ins, with WB planning on the film as a future tentpole, we bet there will be LOTS more where this came from. Remember to send us pictures of the most exciting!


  1. “You might say that at Hostess, they have balls for every taste. And my mouth’s watering just thinking about those Balls!”


  2. Six Flags Great Adventure does an awesome job of merchandising the DC Super Heroes! My faves are the $6 capes everyone wears ($10 with LEDs!). Unfortunately, they removed the Batman and Robin maglev coaster, half of which is run backwards.

    Here’s the PR from 6F:
    63 mph, 15 storeys, stand-up, 2:30 duration…

    Of course, die-hard fans will want to use the park’s “Flash Pass” to beat the long lines, but they won’t be able to for this ride.

    VIDEO!!! POV!

    It will be located on the Boardwalk, near the Superman Ultimate Flight coaster.

  3. Mmm… sweet, sticky, lickable, fuzzy Glo Balls, with a delicious creamy filling!

    Of course, pre-Crisis, Green Lantern foiled two crimes with Hostess Twinkies, and one with Hostess Fruit Pies!

  4. Okay, I’m all for sugary junky snack food cakes, but I think I draw the line at ones that will actually glow in the dark.
    On the other hand, eating one sounds like the start of a Silver Age superhero origin.

  5. With all this Thor and Green Lantern hypin’ going on these days and niether movie in theaters yet, I’m beginning to wonder if anyone at DC or Marvel have ever heard that story about not counting your chickens before they hatch…

  6. All I care about in that Hostess photo is getting Drake’s product back out here in Arizona again so I don’t have to have my family truck in Funny Bones every time they visit me here in Arizona.