He’s been a goth, comics and literary idol for decades…but now Neil Gaiman is turning into am anthro. Wired reports that the best-selling author willguest star on Arthur, the long-running (13 seasons) cartoon about a little aardvark and his world.

According to PR, Gaiman appears in a special Halloween episode of the show and inspires the character Sue Ellen to create her very own graphic novel. Get in line, kid. Are you going with Diamond or PGW?

As you can see from the still, Gaiman has been transFURRED into a kitty cat for the show. Meaning he can now be the beloved of the furries, too.


  1. So how many cosplaying Neil Gaiman furries will we now see? (I guess he’s a British Shorthair? Instead of hairballs, he coughs up trichobezoars…)

    Will Neverwear sell a stuffed doll?

    Sue Ellen will probably go to Hachette first, as that’s where Arthur is published.