Scream (awards) nominees announced

The 2010 Screams for the best in loud, blood-letting, gun-thumping entertainment were announced this week; however the comics nominees include things like ASTERIOS POLYP, so maybe the Screams have learned subtlety. At any rate, we can’t wait to see David Mazzucchelli rubbing shoulders with Danny Trejo. Nominees were chosen by an advisory board including such […]

Rescue Rangers back at BOOM!

With BOOM!’s DARKWING DUCK comics doing well for the ’90s nostalgia crowd, was it only a matter of time before they brought back RESCUE RANGERS, as well? Absolutely.

Imagining chipmunk terrorists Chip and Dale as bold adventurers, with the addition of rodent heroes Monterey Jack, Gadget and Zipper the Housefly, the Rescue Rangers were another staple of the Disney Afternoon and a favorite of furry fans everywhere. Ian Brill is back as writer, with Leonel Castellani as artist.