This week: Minneapolis Indie Xpo

Meanwhile, out in Minneapolis — prime comics country with 11 comics shops, the MCAD art school and more — a new indie comics fest is taking place with three days of activities. The Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX) kicks off tonight with a Precious Little Film Fest showing SCOTT PILGRIM and animation from the locals. This […]

July charts: Sales look wobbly

ICv2 posted their sales for July yesterday, but bucking a recent trend, periodical sales were down while GN sales were up a bit, mostly because so many Scott Pilgrim books were sold. Nut graph: “The over-all picture was one of weakness, however, as the increase in graphic novel sales was insufficient to outweigh weak comic […]

This week: Chicago Comic-Con

The Chicago Comic-Con, aka Wizard World Chicago kicks off today in Rosemont, headlined by William Shatner and lots and lots of old actors and wrestlers and even a few comics folks, like Jill Thompson and Michael Golden. There are also things like the Julia Jones VIP Package, which we don’t want to know anything about. […]

2010 Ignatz nominees announced

The nominations for the 14th annual Ignatz Awards have just been announced, with the winners to be presented at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 9:00 PM. Nominees were chosen by a panel of five judges: Anders Nilsen, David Kelly, Rob G, Joshua Cotter and Trevor Alixopoulos. Winners will be chosen by attendees.

As always, it’s an eclectic mix, with many lesser known gems very much worthy of your attention:

Trailer pitch: CLiNT Magazine

In just a few short weeks, Mark Millar and his friends reinvent the comics anthology magazine with CLiNT, a 100-page monthly magazine featuring comic strips from Millar, John Romita Jr., Steve McNiven, Tommy Lee Edwards, Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle, and comics, including the Millar/Romita Jr. Nemesis, and others by “up and comers.” There’s now a short trailer online, too. The issue goes on sale on September 2, 2010. You can also get palsy with CLiNT on Twitter or Facebook, so you can even get it to be your neighbor in Farmville.

Trailer pitch: Frank Miller’s Gucci mini-movie

For those of you wondering if Frank Miller would ever direct again, the answer is, “Yes!” He’s directed a commercial/short film for Gucci Guilty perfume starring Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood — that’s right. Captain Johnny Stormerica and The Girl Who Was Almost Mary Jane. The music is by English dance duo Friendly Fires. A trailer is getting some airing, but the whole caboodle will premiere during the MTV Video Music Awards on September 12th. If you can’t wait — or your doctor has warned you that watching the MTV Video Awards could trigger a fatal brain embolism — the whole thing will be available online on August 24th.