The late John Callahan — the paraplegic cartoonist who passed away last month — is remembered with some excerpts from one of his cartoon collections.


  1. His work was subtly humorous at time. I thoroughly enjoyed his cartoons.

    There’s one cartoon he did (I believe it was for Playboy) that stays with me – a Cowboy is confronting another. He’s holding a bottle, from which a word balloon is saying rude and nasty things directed at the other cowboy. The offended cowboy is ready to beat the crap out of the first cowboy, but his friend is holding him back, saying, “Forget It, Clem. It’s just the liquor talkin’.”

  2. The cartoon of his, that immediately comes to mind, is an image of a little boy standing by his bed that has an obvious stain on the sheet. He’s looking at his disapproving mother (who’s standing in the doorway)
    and says; “I had a dream.”

    The caption below the drawing is “Young Martin Luther King.”

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