Devil’s Due leaves Diamond and lots of questions

Announced via PR yesterday, Devil’s Due, the long-running indie publisher is leaving Diamond as their distributor, for both books and periodicals, and going with Haven and self-distribution. But the reasons seem to be a tangle of financial considerations: Devil’s Due Publishing has pulled its distribution of comics and graphic novels from Diamond Comic and Diamond […]

Manga eyes worry feds

The New York Times reports on the new manga eye fad, popularized by Lady Gaga, of giant contacts that make you look like an anime freak. These lenses might be just another beauty fad if not for the facts that they are contraband and that eye doctors express grave concern over them. It is illegal […]

Remembering the past: Do not repeat

Over the recent holiday weekend, we had occasion to spend a fair bit of time going through posts from the Old Beat, clearing out some spam and trying to clean up the database for various purposes. Along the way we were forced to violently relive the last few years of the last decade. It all seemed so simple once. So many news stories that never went anywhere — a few we jotted down for future investigation, but there were also things like this fellow who spent money in 2007 to announce his new blog. Now it’s only a reseller placeholder. They had such big dreams, but those big dreams crawled under a rock to die.

Would you like to go to Comic-Con?

In our San Diego news round-up yesterday we neglected to mention that a contest to win a pass to The Big Show is underway — and one of its hosts is right here at the Beat! Just click on the Comic-Con banner ad at the top of the pae (if it isn’t visible hit refresh and it should be) and the ink will take you to a page where you can enter the contest. Via PR, a few lucky folks have already won four-day passes:

Nice Art: Shigeru Komatsuzaki

Model kits as the doorway to pulp transcendence. Komatsuzaki is a cult figure in Japan; in his long 50 year career he painted thousands of illustrations for model kit boxes, among other things. Sadly, it is reported that few of his paintings survive due to a massive fire.