Diamond announces Comic-Con exclusives

Shop, shop, shop. This year’s Comic-Con is only 6 weeks away and we’re going to try to avoid non-stop con coverage for every minute of the remaining time but…it’s gonna be hard. Here’s Diamond’s list of their exclusive merch that will be sold during the con, including WALKING DEAD, STEVE ROGERS, and TRUE BLOOD variants. […]

Comic-Con TV slate shaping up

In non-comics news, a slew of TV-show related Comic-Con news is beginning to flood the nets. Among the slebs expected to attend: Ron Perlman, Katey Sagal, Nathan Fillion, and Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim. According to The Hollywood Reporter several of the shows coming to Comic-Con this year will be straight crime and drama shows, without […]

Lost goes all Silmarillion on us

Just to make sure no one skips buying the complete Lost on DVD and Blu-Ray (out August 24) ABC is including a bunch of added scenes that explain who did what to who now, as Kristin Dos Santos reports. The centerpiece will be a kind of “Tale of Hurley and Ben” which follows the two […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: April 2010

The top “indie” book on the charts this month is a $1 issue of The Walking Dead #1. However, none of the other Image $1 books have charted either this month or last, so I’m not sure how accurate this numbers is.

Invincible Returns was the best selling non-reprint #1 of the month, and led to a substantial increase for the regular issue of Invincible as well. While Turf #1, also from Image, was the highest launch of the month.

Image had a 4.26% unit share, and a 3.96% dollar share, Dark Horse had a 3.82% unit share and a 4.88% dollar share, IDW had a 3.41% unit share and a 3.92% dollar share. Dynamite fell to a 2.38% unit share and a 2.33% dollar share.