Heritage sets yet more records with Miller and Crumb sales

Via a press release, and speaking of Frank Miller, Heritage Auctions set a record by selling a page of Miller art from Daredevil #188 for $101,575. According to Todd Hignite, who is Consignment Director for Original Comic and Illustration Art for Heritage, it’s a record for original art from the 80s, and “one of the handful of highest prices that Heritage has ever seen paid for a piece of comic art, period. It’s in very rarefied company.”

History on the Internet #3: San Diego 1974

Can you help identify these pioneers? At first we were amazed at the number of girls there but then remembered it was the 70s and everyone has long hair. Also, maybe it’s just those 70s fashions, but nerds of the 70s would totally be Williamsburg hotties today. Finally, notice how slim they are, in a world where high fructose corn syrup didn’t exist.

Joe Quesada promoted to Chief Creative Officer, Marvel Entertainment

Joe Quesada, whose been serving up his Cup o’ Joe as Marvel Publishing’s E-i-C- and CCO for a decade, has taken a larger role at Marvel Entertainment as Chief Creative Officer where he’ll work alongside Alan Fine to provide creative input on Marvel’s continuing expansion into all media.

Although Quesada has said in the past that the job of editor in chief “comes with a shelf life,” his success at guiding Marvel’s iconic characters through the digital era and into acquisition by Disney has led him to an even more important role at the company. PR below:

Bye Bye Bye

Yesterday was the final moving day at the old Publishers Weekly office. One last day to shovel everything into a box. Every move comes with a purge purge purge mandate, and since we’re moving to a smaller office, the need to travel light was particularly urgent.