Wonder Woman: When icons change clothes

So by now everyone has heard about a makeover for Wonder Woman by J. Michael Straczynski which includes a revamped timeline and a new Jim Lee-designed Costume. The story broke in the NY Times and on The Source and with an interview with JMS at Comic Book Resources. While the new ’90’s themed costume has […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 6/30/10

More Dancin’ Art Spiegelman; Brandon Graham’s manifesto; a Smurf-atar; is Scott Pilgrim turning video gamers into nostalgia freaks? and more more more!

New Wonder Woman debuts new Wonderbra

Via Nikki Finke. Art by Don Kramer. More in a bit.

History: The Vince Colletta letter

While we’re on deadline with another story, you might enjoy, courtesy of iFanboy, The Vince Coletta Letter:

True Blood Recap: Sweet Up True Blood

Season Three/Episode Three: It Hurts Me Too It hurts me to tell you what you already know – this recap is late.  Let’s just say my cable company sucks.  So there I was Sunday, all verklempt, with no hope of being cable ready until later this week.  But I turned that frown upside down when […]

The ALA covered a lot of comics

The annual American LIbrary Association wrapped up its annual meeting yesterday and, as the above photo suggests, there was abundant graphic novel programming and presence. Our own Torsten Adair was there, and he blogged of many things, like the Dabel Brothers new imprint, Sea Lion Press:

This image has haunted me for years

The genius of Drew Friedman from his sadly long OOP WARTS AND ALL, which I like to call “Channel 9 From Outer Space.” Fantagraphics, please reprint!

Nice Art: Charles Burchfeld

Now at The Whitney.

Nice Art: Dave Cooper’s Mangle

Via Jonathan Levine.

Nice Art: Jeff Soto’s Lifecycle

Via Jonathan Levine.

Nice Art: Damian Fulton

His new show is called “Surfploytation” and this piece is called “Gulf Minotaur in Oil and Water.”

Quesada talks digital royalties and Avenger planning

This morning’s Cup O’ Joe coffee klatsch between Kiel Phegley and Joe Quesada included a lengthy segment on the whole digital royalty flap from last week. Specifically,Marvel has had them in the works for the last two years, but could only finalize the plans recently — the first payments will be going out soon after […]

Tubby cometh!

How on earth did we miss this!

Graphic Novels Challenge shows newer readers in their native habitat

We’ve mentioned book bloggers a few times lately, and contrasted their peaceful, herbivore ways with the violent, predatory jungle of comics blogging. Now here’s a VERY direct comparison — and also some interesting market research type stuff — via the Graphic Novels Challenge. This is a blogging program in which book bloggers try to read a bunch of graphic novels in a given period — one of a series of similar challenge for memoirs, history books or whatever. Most of the bloggers are not trained-from-birth comics experts and heir comments are illuminating. The list is also high on “litereary” and young adult comics — not very much Marvel or DC. They also check books to read out of the library, so they are not “Wednesday” Crowd” much.

Tokyopop teams with Zinio for digital

Another digital comics deal, as Toykopop has signed with digital newsstand Zinio to sell a selection of their GNs. The line-up includes mostly OEL, such as Earthlight, The Dreaming and Van Von Hunter, and manhwa — The Tarot Cafe — although a few manga titles will be available soon. Books will sell for $5.99, cheaper than the print version but more than a comic book.

Zinio is a virtual newsstand which sells proprietary downloads for Macs and PCs. According to Caleb Goellner, they use flash, which might be problematic for Apple devices.

Loeb named EVP, Marvel Television Division

TV and comics veteran Jeph Loeb has been named to a new position within Marvel, according to a press release, below. As Executive Vice President, Head of Television, Loeb will work on bringing Marvel’s characters to television and oversee both development and distribution of their series efforts, both animated and live-action. He will report to Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley.