Calling all WordPress experts

Aid The Beat and the Elite Beat Squad! We’re trying to import the old posts from the Old Beat, so we can shut down the site completely, but the old server won’t allow us to download the entire back-up file, either via the WordPress back-up plug-in or the MySQL database. I asked customer support on […]

LOSERS lost at B.O.

Just to wrap things up, re our “Bad Week For Comic Book Movies” post, THE LOSERS was another blow to the Joel Silver empire, coming in at #4 with a tepid $9.6 million, behind the ancient HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON films. J-Lo’s comeback also failed, coming in a weak #2, and KICK-ASS fell to […]

Scandal: Portland Mercury disses comics! UPDATED WITH MORE OUTRAGE

Speaking of Stumptown, we were recently alerted to a local brouhaha, namely, last week’s preview of Stumptown in The Portland Mercury. Shockingly, despite the mayor declaring Comics Month and Portland generally being Cartoon-town, USA, the Mercury ended up running this weird “comics are for losers” comic by Carolyn Main and Riley Michael Parker, apprently as […]

ASTERIOS POLYP wins Los Angeles Times book prize

David Mazzucchelli’s stunning ASTERIOS POLYP won the prize for the best Graphic Novel in the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes, which as the judges note, is the “first major book prize in the United States to honor publications in this category, which is an expanding part of the book landscape, both aesthetically and commercially.” They […]

Stumptown Trophy, Kukoc Award winners

The Stumptown Comics Festival was held this weekend. Many folks attended the party where the awards were held, and even wrote extensive blog postings about it….but no one actually posted the winners. But Tom Spurgeon combed through Twitter like the Continental Op, and assembled a list: OUTSTANDING SMALL PRESS — BT Livermore, Bearfight! (above) OUTSTANDING […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/26/10

§ First off, congrats to Ivan Brandon and Kristyn Ferretti, who tied the knot this weekend. Oh, those crazy kids. § Glenn Danzig and Crystar — for the first time, Frank Santoro tells the story of the two, and your world will never be the same. § There were many, many comics-related events around the […]