The Stumptown Comics Festival was held this weekend. Many folks attended the party where the awards were held, and even wrote extensive blog postings about it….but no one actually posted the winners. But Tom Spurgeon combed through Twitter like the Continental Op, and assembled a list:

bear fight

OUTSTANDING SMALL PRESS — BT Livermore, Bearfight! (above)

OUTSTANDING DEBUT — Sarah Becan, The Complete Ouija Interviews

OUTSTANDING DIY — BT Livermore, Bearfight!

OUTSTANDING WRITING — A. Bennett & P. Guinan, Boilerplate


OUTSTANDING ART — Paul Guinan, Boilerplate


OUTSTANDING WEBCOMIC — David Malki Wondermark

• Tom also sleuthed out the fact that the 2010 Maisie Kukoc award, given ech year to a mini-comic, was given to Sarah Oleksyk for Ivy #5. You can read the FIRST issue of Ivy FREE online.


  1. The webcomic award goes to David Malki !

    Not me. The website is simply incorrect. But, I do have his trophy at my desk right now . . .

    Sorry, David. We all missed you at the show. Your trophy is coming soon.

  2. Jeez, I had no idea the winners list was so hard to find, otherwise I would’ve emailed it to you! Thanks, Tom, for assembling it.

    Matt, sorry you didn’t win. But you can find Boilerplate at Powell’s and other fine bookstores. Many thanks to everyone who bought it from us at the Stumptown show!

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