Just to wrap things up, re our “Bad Week For Comic Book Movies” post, THE LOSERS was another blow to the Joel Silver empire, coming in at #4 with a tepid $9.6 million, behind the ancient HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON films. J-Lo’s comeback also failed, coming in a weak #2, and KICK-ASS fell to fifth.

1. “How to Train Your Dragon” – $15 million
2. “The Back-Up Plan” – $12.2 million
3. “Date Night” – $10.6 million
4. “The Losers” – $9.6 million
5. “Kick-Ass” – $9.5 million

Overall, it was a crap weekend at the box office, as ticket sales were down significantly from last year.


  1. My wife and her sister went to see it and really liked it, but also said that I really wouldn’t (too many plot holes, not engaging enough for me).

    I’m pretty picky I guess.

  2. I’m sorry, but if a studio releases a comic book movie in April, aren’t they pretty much telegraphing that they think it might suck at the box office?

    Otherwise, Kick-Ass and The Losers would be summer movies.

    If they are supposed to be ‘serious’ comic book movies, then shouldn’t they be positioned in the Sept-Dec timeframe?

    This is the dumping season for hollywood. If they break even on these movies, I would think it cause for celebration.

  3. I saw it and thought it was great fun. It’s a shame it didn’t do better because I really enjoyed the characters.

    Oh well, I guess that’s just more incentive for people like me to go out and buy the trades.

  4. I saw The Losers on Friday. It was cliche and tripe. Nothing especially entertaining or original.

    Jason Patric’s performance was the best part. Chris Evans and Columbus Short were good. Everyone and everything else was BLAH.

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