Bye-Bye, CoCo

As some of you may know, tonight is Conan O’Brien’s last night as host of the Tonight Show. The story has been little covered by the media, so we thought we’d end the week with a brief comics-related tribute via the pages of MYTHOS SPIDER-MAN, a 2007 Marvel miniseries which had a brief O’Brien appearance. […]

Tonight to do, Detroit: Funny (not funny)

Via our email, the opening for what looks like an entertaining show tonight focusing on dark humor, something which I’m sure we all need a bit of these days. Artists include Ivan Brunetti, Lisa Hanawalt, Tom Neely, and Michael Kupperman. Complete list in the jump. FUNNY (not funny) Recent Comic Art Exhibiting Signs of Black […]

Taschen’s comics beginnings in 1980

As Paul Pope alluded to in the comments, Taschen Books, the art book publisher whose sale we were just telling you about, actually started out as a comics publisher, and there’s more about it on their website, including this picture of what a comics shop in Cologne looked like in 1980, with a picture of […]


Prepare for Greg Heffley. Based on Jeff Kinney’s best selling series of graphic-hybrid books, the movie opens April 2. Parents confused about whether to go take their kids to this or to KICK-ASS should know that Chloe Moretz appears in both films — she is the new Seth Rogen or something. Also starring Zachary Gordon, […]

Gorillaz invade Plastic Beach

Pioneering cartoon band Gorillaz is back! This time, they’re living off the western coast of Africa on an island called Plastic Beach: The band have taken up residence, recording on a secret floating island deep in the South Pacific, a Plastic Beach HQ, made up of the detritus, debris and washed up remnants of humanity. […]