Catwoman 01
Naifeh — (Courtney Crumrin, The Good Neighbors series) wants to draw Batman so he’s put together an online gallery of sketches and samples.


  1. The guy’s obscenely talented, so if he wants to do it, I can only hope they’re smart enough to let him. (And pair him up with Morrison if they won’t let Ted write his own material…)

    Also, is that a Diabolik influence on the Catwoman sample you have here? It looks great!

  2. Ted can draw anything & it’ll look sexier than silk pajamas. I have long coveted a Naifeh drawing of my girl Dark Ivory. Courtney Crumrin = some of the most fun comics ever. I also have big love for Polly & the Pirates & How Loathesome.

    A Naifeh Batman – esp. w/ Catwoman – would be stylish as all get-out. Go Ted!

  3. Courtney Crumrin is a favorite series of mine and seems to get virtually no love. Perhaps it should be the “go-to” series when comics fans are asking “how can I get my [wife/girlfriend/teenager/Harry Potter fan that would appreciate a little subversion] into reading comics?

    I’ll check out anything Naifeh does.

  4. @Jeremy – The lack of love may stem from the fact that the first volume was only good, not spectacular. The series gets noticeably better as it gets off its introductory feet, but it’s sometimes hard to get people past a so-so beginning. I felt the same with Fables and Usagi Yojimbo and always have to make certain to iterate that readers should not judge the series on its first and mediocre volume.

  5. Neato. I’m trying to place the time period this version is supposed to take place in. Very nice fashion style whatever it is.

  6. Did you see the second page on his blog? It’s terrible! Plus there is no storytelling ability in any of his “pages.” Maybe that doesn’t matter, if you are doing a book of pin-ups.