The Walking Dead Comic
A few items we missed during down time:
AMC has greenlit a pilot for a WALKING DEAD TV series, based on the Robert Kirkman-Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard Image comics staple about a bunch of folks surviving in the Zombie Apocalypse. Frank Darabont will write, direct and executive produce. AMC is looking to boost its slate of original programming following the massive success of Mad Men, and greenlit another pilot at the same time. Let the casting suggestions begin!


§ Conan! What is best in life! To star in Baywatch, move on to Stargate and hear the cries of Lisa Bonet.. Part-Hawaiian model/actor Jason Momoa has been cast as Conan in the new movie which begins shooting in March in Bulgaria. The choice is a popular one with Stargate fans:

Momoa stands at 6-feet 4-inches, so he has the height to fit the part. Seeing him as Ronon on Stargate Atlantis, he also has a lot of similar qualities such as wielding a sword, the hunger to kill people, and a real brooding physicality that is perfect for the role — not to mention he can look like he has been through some battles!

While Wikipedia notes that he has since cut off his dreads, Momoa seems to be uniquely suited to the role. Along with girlfriend Bonet, he has a child named

Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa

so properly enunciating lines such as “Thulsa Doom, you will not conquer Nemedia!” should be no problem.

Sherlock Holmes Mark Strong Poster

§ Word has been going around that Mark Strong, who played the cult leader villain in SHERLOCK HOLMES, is in talks to play the villain Sinestro in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN film. Strong certainly has the right facial structure for the job, and in HOLMES, he looked like a Kevin O’Neill drawing brought to life.


  1. I was going to email you about this, Heidi. Momoa went to the same Norwalk, IA high school as Brandon Routh, and given that they’re about two months apart in age they were probably the same graduating class.

    So Superman and Conan from the same Iowa town.

  2. Momoa is… actually pretty darn good, although the last role I saw him in was not very much like Conan, so I have no idea how he’ll be at it. (Yes, he did violence and occasionally did the Large Scary Man thing as Ronon Dex. What of it? He was a soldier from a modern world stranded in the wild, who was mostly a good-humored sort with a quiet, wry sense of humor. Not exactly a barbarian king!)

  3. Must be the water in Norwalk. Kinda like Rockwell, Leyendecker and A. Raymond all coming from New Rochelle… okay… maybe not. Momoa better start hitting the kettlebells before those swords rip his arms from thire sockets. This ain’t no Stargate: Atlantis, this is Cimmeria!

  4. Mark Strong is a great choice for Sinestro. Great for the film, I mean. Not great for his career.

    I don’t remember who the other rumored actor was, but once Mark Strong was mentioned it is obvious that he is the better choice.

  5. Looking forward to seeing Mark Strong in the magenta makeup! Hopefully the makeup will also retain the enlarged cranium. There aren’t enough enlarged craniums in movies nowadays…

  6. Good for Jason Momoa, but I hope that the Conan filming won’t conflict with his role as Khal Drogo in “A Game of Thrones” if HBO picks up that pilot.

  7. Heh. Well, Charles, some people saw it as a subtle but surprisingly effective performance? But then again, it could be that the series leads tend to subscribe to the Large Ham school of acting. (Not that their hamminess wasn’t awesomely fun.)