Prepare for Greg Heffley. Based on Jeff Kinney’s best selling series of graphic-hybrid books, the movie opens April 2.

Parents confused about whether to go take their kids to this or to KICK-ASS should know that Chloe Moretz appears in both films — she is the new Seth Rogen or something. Also starring Zachary Gordon, Rachael Harris, Steve Zahn, and Robert Capron. It’s a cute trailer that replicates the kid-level humor of the original.


  1. This looks…….. Good? Never thought I’d say that. Cute, charming, and very mcuh in the spirit of the book and middle school. Made this cynical 20-something laugh.

  2. Ooohh … the series is one of the most popular in my school library and every book has been in the top-selling titles of my book fair for the past several years.

  3. This looks really cute! And actually well written; original and humorous without feeling like a bunch of writers were sitting around a room throwing random gags at it. And kids that are actually middle-schoolers instead of miniature adults! I think I’ll be seeing this!

  4. “Parents confused about whether to go take their kids to this or to KICK-ASS.” I’m THINKING parents shouldn’t TAKE their kids to go see KICKASS? Am I being a prude? What’s that thing rated? LOL