Images to haunt us

§ Superhero division: Maxim presents 12 Superheroes Who Should Be On ’70s Vans, which, considering that several of these characters were created at a time when van art was an influence is a little Moebius strip for our tastes, but has Photoshop ever been used for a better purpose? § Indie Division: We’re very late […]

The Funnies Business

A few links making the rounds related to the health of various sectors of the comics business. § In Boston, while book industry sales are “in freefall”, comics sales are strong enough to support new retail outlets: They couldn’t find a single financial backer willing to risk a penny on a comic book store, but […]

Hershman joins Dark Horse

Dark Horse has hired former Borders graphic novel buyer Micha Hershman as their new Director of Marketing. According to PR: In his 13 year tenure, Hershman has developed an extensive professional experience with comics, graphic novels, science fiction, horror and related merchandise. After handling the buyer duties for the chain’s rapidly growing graphic novel section, […]

Taking no Prisoners

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone. It was a great day, with unseasonably warm weather such as we never remember in a pre-global warming world, so thank you greenhouse emissions! We took a total internet vacation for the weekend so are just now returning to this wonderful, fact-filled world. We got about 45 minutes […]