First PLANETARY, now this. What’s Next? BIG NUMBERS?

While everyone marveled at PLANETARY 27 finally being published, a much less important book will also debut this week. The often-delayed issue four of ODESSA STEPS MAGAZINE makes its first appearance at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend (see earlier post for more details). In this issue, you can find such diverse things as an […]

Tonight To Do for Tolkien freaks

A bunch of Tolkien/Howard Shore related events are taking place this weekend in NYC, including a LIVE symphonic performance of the Fellowship of the Ring score at Radio City — with Elijah Wood in attendance. Sunday sees a symposium of Tolkien scholars, including Colleen Doran, David Salo and Howard Shore. This is kinda a big […]

This weekend: Baltimore Comicon!

Crabcakes, we’re looking at you. The Baltimore Comicon — twitter hash tag #bcc! — runs tomorrow and Sunday (with the Diamond Retailer Summit pulling in on Monday and Tuesday) and it looks to be the same kind of fun, cozy show that we’ve come to expect from Marc Nathan and company. The guest of honor […]

Big Apple Con releases programming

Next weekend’s Big Apple Con is sending out a press release every half hour or so — and they just released the programming, such as it is. We’ve put the whole thing in the jump but looking at the predominance of panels featuring meda and sports guests — Star Trek, the Termnator, Pete Rose — […]

Just how dirty is DRAGONBALL?

Ever since the manga revolution hit American shores, comics industry observers have been writing for parents to catch on to the fact that their kids are reading stories about passionate gay love affairs and teachers seducing their students, and a full-on book burning crusade taking place. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened. Outcry has been limited to […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 10/9/09

§ Mash-up of the week: Emo superstar Pete Wentz of the band Fall Out Boy interviews comics superstar Chris Ware in a delightful deserted factory near downtown LA for a surprisingly relaxed series of videos. Bonus: they’re subtitled in German! § ICv2 rounds up last month’s BookScan charrts, and finds Graphic Novels Down 15% in […]