While everyone marveled at PLANETARY 27 finally being published, a much less important book will also debut this week.

The often-delayed issue four of ODESSA STEPS MAGAZINE makes its first appearance at the Baltimore Comic Con this weekend (see earlier post for more details).

In this issue, you can find such diverse things as an interview with Jamie S. Rich talking comics and Criterion DVDs, sportswriter Dan LeBatard, an academic article about STARMAN and lots of wrestling wackiness both north and south of the border.

And only three bucks. Surely a bargain.

You can find it at the Odessa Steps Magazine booth (#138) in Artist’s Alley. There’s also a good chance you can find THE BEAT HERSELF at the booth, likely haranguing the helper monkey on why it took so long for this to be published.

This is THE BEAT breaking in here and congratulating Mark on getting out another issue of ODESSA STEPS! The last time it came out people read fanzines. Perhaps after seeing this, they will again. Please stop by and say hi and get a copy, and once again, THANK YOU MARK COALE.


  1. WHAT?! Mark Coale is an actual person? Not some sock puppet Mary Jane pseudonymous bot worthy of a doctoral dissertation?! GawDAMN.

    Next thing, you’ll be telling me Steve Ditko is a real person, too.