Next weekend’s Big Apple Con is sending out a press release every half hour or so — and they just released the programming, such as it is. We’ve put the whole thing in the jump but looking at the predominance of panels featuring meda and sports guests — Star Trek, the Termnator, Pete Rose — and scarcity of comics publishers — Avatar is the only one — calling this a “comic-con” is stretching things a bit.

Now, IF the con had put together a panel featuring Yogi Berra, Ric Flair and William Shatner and called it “The three most quoted living people,” then THAT would have been the most awesome event in human history. Whoo!

2pm – 3pm
Marvelous Panel

3pm – 4:30 pm
Painters Panel w/Greg Horn and J.G. Jones

5pm – 6pm
Dukes Reunion

2pm – 3pm
Reality TV Stars

3pm – 4pm
Nichelle Nichols/Brent Spiner Q&A

4pm – 5pm
Warehouse 13 Q&A

5pm – 6pm
Kate Mulgrew Q&A

6pm – 8pm
Trick ‘R Treat Screening


11am – 12 :30pm
William Shatner Q&A

12:30pm – 1:30pm
Battlestar Galactica Q&A

2pm – 3:15pm
Jim Lee Q&A

3:15pm – 4pm
Pete Rose Q&A

4pm – 5pm
Joe Quesada Q&A

7pm – 8pm
100% Cotton Featuring Mike Cotton, Joe Quesada and Jim Lee

12pm – 1pm
Concrete Immortalz
Room B
Come join us for an hour with the team of Concrete Immortalz. Speak to the cast and crew about the making of the world premier of our comic. Don’t miss the live sketching done on premises and watch the comic come to life in front of your eyes. This is an exclusive showing that you’ll only find at the New York Apple Con!

1pm – 2pm
Neal Adams Q&A

2pm – 3:30 pm
Kuberts Q&A

4pm – 5pm
Jim Steranko Q&A

5pm – 6pm
Big Apple Comic Con Costume Contest

6pm – 7pm
Stargate: Universe Screening

7pm – 8pm
Caprica Screening


11am – 12pm
Adam West Q&A

12pm – 1pm
Twilight Q&A

1pm – 3pm
Kids Cartooning Workshop

3pm – 4pm
Kids Costume Contest

11am – 12pm
NYC Horror Film Festival

12pm – 1pm
Avatar/ Panel
William Christensen, E-I-C of Avatar, will talk about exciting upcoming releases and Rich Johnston, head writer of, will give you a look at the life of a gossip columnist and share a few top secret stories!

2pm – 3pm
Terminator Q&A (Linda Hamilton/Edward Furlong)


  1. I like the fact that Pete Rose’s Q & A is schedules at the same time as his signing schedule (which is 1-5), which leads me to believe that he really doesn’t want to spend any more time at the con than he really has to. And this is speaking as a fan who has paid $100 for a photo-op and a signing!