We popped over to Bowlmor Lanes off Union Square last night for the New York Comic-Con 2010 One Year Out party, and it was quite a festive evening. The John Romitas — Jr and Sr — were announced as keystone guests for the 2010 show (to be held October 8-10 at the Javits Center.) Marvel freelancers prevailed against Marvel editors in a Bowl-off. And paparazzi were stationed outside in thick lines. Wow, are people really that interested in Denis Callero and Rodney Ramos? we thought, as we entered.

BUT NO. It turns out Paris Hilton was attending a party in the bar upstairs, meaning anxiously swarming publicists, and every once in a while, a large man in a suit would tell you where to stand. We had to leave before Ms. Hilton made her appearance, but NYCC’s Peter Tatara captured the moment, and Hilton’s unorthodox bowling footware.

But even the famed socialite could not steal the spotlight from comics! No sir. There was a nice crowd of friendly faces, too many to name, really, but we wanted to shout out Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s Steve Vrattos who was limping from an SPX spill at the Silver Diner — see, THAT is why we never go there! — and told us about his blog, which recounts adventures from his years as a Spider-Man.

We also caught up with Greg Topalian, from Reed Exhibitions, the guy who came up with the idea for NYCC more than five years ago. Turns out he was on the right track, and Reed now has three comics oriented shows and has pacted with the video game show PAX for two more. Greg is a very smart guy, and we always make sure to listen more than we talk when he’s around. Greg, Roger Bilheim, who does PR for NYCC, NYAF, C2E2 and BEA, among others, and myself chatted about the state of the “fantasy economy.” According to Greg and Roger, it’s still holding up — NYCC 2010 will take up the entire Javits — and Pax East, to be held in Boston next March, also looks like a strong show, they said.

It’s hard to go wrong with bowling and beer, let’s face it. Marvel’s freelance team — including Ramos, Peter David, Dan Slott, Chris Sotomayor, Greg Pak, and others — beat the editors — Axel Alonso, Mark Paniccia, CB Cebuski, & Co. — 900 to 873. Peter David had the high score of 177, and everyone was hoping he’d take on Hilton in a championship round, but sadly, it was not to be. However, on a bright note, Hilton is teaming with Marvel’s Jen Grunwald for a new reality show called “Between the Sheets of Paper.”

Tatara has lots o’ pics up at the NYCC blog, starting right about here.

(Disclosure: We’re hosted by a sister company of Reed Exhibitions, which puts on New York Comic-Con, and have, in the past, consulted for the show.)


  1. Shows how single-minded I am. I was so busy making practice shots to figure out the lanes, I was oblivious to Hilton’s presence.