Klein and Williams team on new print

With J.H. Williams’s amazing work on this week’s DETECTIVE the buzz book of the week, it’s worth pointing out that  Todd Klein’s latest print is a collaboration with Williams. You can buy the print at the above link and see the rest of his neat stuff for sale here.

Scattered linkage

Just a few while we get our wits together. § Frank Santoro continues his explorations into little known eddies of comics history with an interview with comics color pioneer Steve Oliff. § Matt Madden took his students to MoCCA for a guided tour of the David Mazzucchelli exhibit with the man himself. § Kristy Valenti […]

Upcoming Comics Events

Thursday, June 25 Event: “Please Release Me”–Book Release Party and Reading Location: Modern Times Bookstore, 888 Valencia Street, San Francisco Date: Thursday, June 25, 2009 Time: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Celebrate the release of two sizzlin’ new comics at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco’s Mission district: PS Comics by Minty Lewis and Just So […]

THE MAXX cartoon streams on MTV

THE MAXX was a strange but compelling comic by Sam Kieth that came from Image back in the ’90s. It was about a homeless man who became a superhero in a place called The Outback, which might just be imaginary. He’s helped in this by a social worker named Julie Winters, and the comic was […]

WATCHMEN Director’s Cut to get brief theatrical run

Collider reports that at a presser for the new WATCHMEN Director’s Cut Blu-Ray, director Zack Snyder said the Director’s Cut of WATCHMEN would be screened in four cities in one theater each, the weekend before Comic-Con. The cities are Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, and New York and you know what? WE ARE GOING. We said […]

Harris and the $1.99 comic book

Harris Comics — home of Vampirella — discusses the character’s return and new price point — FELL format — in an editorial by Bon Alimagno. So we set a goal: break back into the Top 100 for the first time in years. But we knew what we were up against. Even armed with a stellar, […]