ArchielogoVia PR, we may be seeing a more “rock ‘n’ roll” Archie soon.

Jon Goldwater CEO of Archie Comics: The Archie Comics line of comic books is one of the most successful, longest running lines in the history of the comic industry. As the son of Archie Comics founder John L. Goldwater he looks forward to expanding the role of his family’s company, Archie Comics Publications, in prominence in the comic book medium as well as other media. Jon Goldwater began his career 20 years ago as the partner to the Japanese concert promoter, Zak Concerts. On Zak Concerts’ behalf, Jon Goldwater negotiated concert major tours of Japan include the “Super Rock Festival” and many others. He is the former President and CEO of AFA Music Group, Ltd., the Executive Producer of the film, “Return of Superfly”, He has served as President and CEO of Crash Management Inc.

Using his vast experience in the entertainment industry he plans on focusing his attention on a variety of family entertainment projects from his family business, suitable for your family. Jon Goldwater plans on bringing the kids from Riverdale to a larger multi-media audience. He is also looking ahead to developing new projects focusing on not just Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jugehead and Reggie, but other long standing Archie Properties such as Katy Keene, Lil Jinx, the Red Circle Heroes, Sabrina, Josie & the Pussycats, Cosmo The Merry Martian, Pat The Brat, Wilbur Wilkins, Bingo Wilkins, Suzie and Ginger Snapp. just to name a few.

Jon Goldwater purchased an ownership interest in the company with the intent of making Archie Comic entertainment powerhouse. In his first few days as CEO he has already started negotiations on projects that will be announced shortly, including a big budget Archie feature film, a new Archie animated project, a Katy Keene television program and a major music deal for the Archies. Every effort will me made to bring all the Archie Comics properties to the forefront of the entertainment industry.


  1. That press release has an embarrassingly high number of typos. The energy Goldwater’s bringing to the company is impressive, though.


  2. “Jon Goldwater purchased an ownership interest in the company with the intent of making Archie Comic entertainment powerhouse.”

    Because it is a privately owned company, I was alway curious about the ownership between the founding families, and especially the potential effect of death/inheritance tax.

    I wondered if Goldwater’s purchase of an ownership interest has something to do with Michael Silberkleit’s death last year.

  3. Weren’t the Red Circle heroes sold to DC recently?

    Here’s hoping he is successful in getting a larger audience, and here’s hoping that under his watch Archie gives more creators their due, both in terms of credit and compensation.

  4. Weren’t the Red Circle heroes sold to DC recently?

    According to the Wikipedia entry on Red Circle Comics, DC licensed the characters from Archie Comics, but the plan to make the characters available for use by DC writers was changed to a series of one-shot issues. However, according to this interview with JMS, future use of the characters in differing formats is a possibility.