THE MAXX was a strange but compelling comic by Sam Kieth that came from Image back in the ’90s. It was about a homeless man who became a superhero in a place called The Outback, which might just be imaginary. He’s helped in this by a social worker named Julie Winters, and the comic was very, very odd. Then MTV made a cartoon out of THE MAXX which was just as odd and just as good. (Jesus, remember when cable TV took chances?????) Anyway, now is streaming the series, and from what we’re hearing, they hold up pretty well. Since it isn’t on DVD, we recommend you go take a look.



  1. When I was in highschool, The Maxx comic and cartoon was one of the things that convinced a lot of my non-comic reading friends and family members to appreciate my favorite art form. It was a big deal on Long Island! Ha!

  2. I remember LOVING this show. They also need to bring back “The Head”. And put “Daria” out on dvd while they’re at it, original music and all.

  3. I still own a beat up copy of Maxx on VHS and would really like MTV to release it on DVD. Extras would be cool, but not necessary, I just want it on DVD.

    Hopefully this is the first step for that to happen.

  4. Oooooh, this is great! I have very fond memories of a tape of these cartoons that my brother gave me while I was in college. Except… I’m a little scared to look at them these years later. Nostalgia so rarely lives up to its expectations.

  5. I second the call for a DVD! I wonder, though, is MTV streaming the entire series? Becaue the VHS version cut out an entire episode (the episode based on the issue guest-starring Savage Dragon, where Dragon was replaced by a cop and his villain Mako with a Hammerhead shark villain).

  6. The Maxx also features the first writing I ever encountered by The Beat by their pseudonym Heidi McDonald (yes, there was no additional “a” in the last name). Apparently under this guise The Beat appreciated, via a letter published in the back, the comic representation of “real women,” curves and all. It all ties together for me.

    And you can find various versions of The Maxx on DVD at most cons, I’ve found. Nary an MTV logo to be found mind you, not even a menu, but it’s on a digital versatile disc (still think “video” sounds better) and it plays.