Harris Comics — home of Vampirella — discusses the character’s return and new price point — FELL format — in an editorial by Bon Alimagno.

So we set a goal: break back into the Top 100 for the first time in years. But we knew what we were up against. Even armed with a stellar, game changing story by Phil Hester and art by future star Daniel Sampere, we faced an army of torch-bearing doubters and critics. We needed to do something radical, something that would break through the pollution of hype and nonsense that fills your daily intake of comics news and assorted mumbo-jumbo. So we put our money where our mouth is: we’re pricing every issue, yes, EVERY ISSUE, of this miniseries $1.99.


  1. If the comic-book in itself is as good as old 70’s Vampirella or the Millar run (with Mayhew), then it will be great. :)
    What Vampi really needs is a catchy artist, so let’s those fingers crossed.

  2. I can’t stand Shepard Fairey and his Obama poster. Yet I guess there’s a certain irony and justice in that people are ripping off the artwork of this modern day Lichtenstein.