Just a few while we get our wits together.

§ Frank Santoro continues his explorations into little known eddies of comics history with an interview with comics color pioneer Steve Oliff.

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§ Matt Madden took his students to MoCCA for a guided tour of the David Mazzucchelli exhibit with the man himself.

§ Kristy Valenti explains why San Diego is like high school:

What table you sit at actually matters.

Professionally, obviously, it marks you — your clique, your place in the food chain, etc. If someone knows nothing about you, they will judge you by where you sit in the Exhibit Hall before they judge your work. What table you sit at matters socially, too. Not only can it help or hinder how enjoyable whatever you’re doing is, it can honestly affect your career, whether you’re pestering a group of professionals who are just trying to eat dinner or make a little extra room for someone who later on offers you a business opportunity.

§ Speaking of Comixology, Tucker Stone has another video review up and…let’s just say he’s at it again.

§ Are cons really a hotbed (hee hee) of hookups? David Pepose replies to the Penthouse article, and Laura Hudson does a fact-check: Comic-Con Hookups: True or False?

§ Johanna’s crew discusses Should Press Get in Free to Conventions? after Otakon asks some press to pay for badges. Frankly, we can totally see why cons would want to limit the number of free badges given to fledgling bloggers.

§ Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman faces danger from a bear in the woods.