Pull Quotes: Obscure and interconnected

Grant Morrison, from a PW Comics Week interview, talking about his recent run on BATMAN which references “old stories and obscure Tibetan Buddhist practices you have to look up on Wikipedia”: “I had the idea to develop an approach to comic narrative that would actually benefit from becoming entangled in internet fan speculation, gossip and […]

Kyle Baker gets Obamania!

Over at his blog, Kyle Baker announces his own Obama comic is in the works from HarperCollins: My publisher told me to stop work on my Toussaint biography and make a comic about our new president. We know there are already Obama comics out there, but trust us. This book will be a totally different […]

WIMPY KID as popular as Obama?

Well, at least in NYC, as reported by Shelf Awareness: Harry N. Abrams is off to a very muscular start in 2009. On Tuesday, the pub date for Jeff Kinney’s DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE LAST STRAW (Amulet Books), the third book in the series, the company sold at least 80,000 copies of the […]

Meet The Elite Beat Squad: Steven R. Stahl

Of all the Elite Beat Squad members, copy editor Steven R. Stahl has the most unusual origin. It started when he would write us letters each day with our most egregious typos and punctuation problems highlighted. (Yes, they were looooong letters.) We’d fix the mistakes when we could but as time went on we had […]

Recession Watch: Magazines take hit from distributor

The New York Post reports that in addition to falling advertising revenues, magazines must now deal with an added seven cent surcharge from their newsstand distributors: Anderson News earlier this week informed publishers that it would impose a 7-cent charge for each copy of a magazine that it delivers to stores, and warned that any […]

Blunt is Black Widow?

Much buzz today about Emily Blunt, the scene-stealer from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, being cast as the Black Widow for the next Iron Man movie. Color us unimpressed. Blunt is a fine thespian but it’s another case of a wispy girl/woman being cast as a character who is supposed to be an athletic full-grown WOMAN. […]

New Covered blog

Robert Goodin has launched a new blog called Covered, in which indie artists recreate classic comics covers. For instance, Johnny Ryan does UNCLE SCROOGE. Above is Jeffrey Brown’s recreation of a Marvel SECRET WARS classic. Our only note is that so far, artists are sticking really close to the originals, which is kind of…odd and […]

Obamania hits Midtown and elsewhere

Okay we thought those reports of how hot a ticket AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583 was going to be might be a tad overblown — after all, it’s just a kinda dopey five-page comic book story. But it seems that crowds around the nation braved brutal sub-zero temperatures to get their copies. The line outside Midtown Comics […]

Cartoonist soothes angry coffee growers

Angry Colombian coffee growers have agreed not to sue Mike Peters over a Mother Goose & Grimm strip which they found offensive, after he apologized. Peters has even been invited to visit Colombia’s coffee region and see for himself how the coffee is grown. We expect both sides just sat down and discussed their differences […]