Angry Colombian coffee growers have agreed not to sue Mike Peters over a Mother Goose & Grimm strip which they found offensive, after he apologized. Peters has even been invited to visit Colombia’s coffee region and see for himself how the coffee is grown. We expect both sides just sat down and discussed their differences over a nice hot cup of tea.


  1. Something must be brewing for sure. This is the best thing that has happened to the strip. When was the last time you heard about this strip. I would bring a whole group of camera people if it were me. Take this Andy Warhol moment and frame it Mr. Peters. Do a whole week of Colombian jokes where Grimm and Mother Goose take a trip to visit Conchita.

    After you are finished finished, you can make fun of tea and insult the British. Another scandal and another trip.

    Milk it for what’s it’s worth. Do I smell a Louis Pasteur joke coming, France here I come.

    Mr. Peters you can insult many drinks throughout the world. Russia? Vodka!

    I’ll be your press agent.

    Have we lost our sense of humor?