§ Grant Morrison has done….something to Batman:

What’s it like going down in history as the man who [redacted] Batman?
MORRISON: It’s great! At last! I feel like John Wilkes Booth. It’s fantastic.

§ Dick Hyacinth finds MMA comics in the work of Jeffrey Brown and Yusaku Hanakuma.

§ We forgot to mention that Comics Comics #3 is now available as a free download! This ‘zine contains much of interest and if you click the link, you’ll see what we mean.

§ Chris Butcher looks at the contents of a Gene Yang-Derek Kirk Kim collaboration

Let’s put the design aside for a moment and talk about what’s in between the covers… ABC is a full colour book, longer than Gordon and Loyola put together, with higher over-all production (french-flaps!) and weighs is roughly the same price as either book. It’s also just a stronger work overall. Add in beautiful design and a great cover and a strong international marketing force, and you’ve got a hit on your hands. And it might be clear why Gene’s work really found an audience more than 10 years after he started putting it out there.

§ Percy Carey interviews retailer Ryan Liebowitz.

§ Frank Santoro’s complete“Best of” list:

§ Mariah Huehner’s TiredFairy Studios store.

§  French President Nicolas Sarkozy is looking to cash in on this comic book thing.

§ We hadn’t previously linked to the 2008 Wizard Fan Awards, until Flog pointed out that a Fantagraphics book is nominated. Can you guess which one?


  1. I like how a article with the title of “GRANT MORRISON ON KILLING THE BATMAN” and at the url BATMANDEAD, then has a spoiler warning…

  2. I dunno, is anybody really falling for the whole dead Batman thing? I mean, normally its a case of “if you don’t see the body…” and in this case there’s even a body, but…c’mon. It’s Batman.

    Right? Right…?

    My favorite part about the Wizard Fan Awards ballot, as another blogger pointed out recently, is the categories of “Favorite Hero,” “Favorite Villain,” and “Favorite Female.”

  3. And the sad thing (especially for DC Comics) is, nobody cares that Batman is dead because Barack Obama is on the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

    Of course, when said “climactic” showdown and death scene is all of five pages long, it’s hard to manage interest even without the Obama issue of AMAZING arriving in the same week.

  4. “And the sad thing (especially for DC Comics) is, nobody cares that Batman is dead because Barack Obama is on the cover of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.”

    Well from a media point of view nobody cares because DC gave them that story last month – Remember? Batman:RIP – the stunning conclusion in which Batman died.

    Batman: Really Dead this time and we aren’t foolin’.