Over at his blog, Kyle Baker announces his own Obama comic is in the works from HarperCollins:

My publisher told me to stop work on my Toussaint biography and make a comic about our new president. We know there are already Obama comics out there, but trust us. This book will be a totally different take on the material. This is just a quick rough sketch. I’m still working out the story.


  1. Well, that’s probably a computer painting. Mr. Baker is quite adept at both caricature and realistic drawing, and if it is in the style of “Nat Turner” then it will probably be the best graphic novel biography available on the subject.

    (And before anyone politically criticizes this news, remember that HarperCollins is rather Conservative.)

    (And for all you patriots, the Premiere edition of “Captain America: the Truth” ships next month.)

  2. It’s true, Lee! I was pretty far into my Toussaint bio, which was commisioned by HC to tie in with an upcoming Don Cheadle film. When the producers announced the film would be postponed, HC felt they’d do better with a bio of Obama this year.

    This all came about through my work on “Nat Turner,” and I’m going to take a very similar approach to the material.

    Thanks, everyone. Heidi, I’ll make sure you get an early copy!


  3. Hold the presses. Now I know how Obama will raise money for the major bailouts. Comic book based stories of him will be published by all printers across the land and everybody will flock to buy them. Erik Larson look what have you created?

  4. It was quite disheartening to find all the Spidey/Obama comics sold out at my usual comics shop haunts. Well, Mr. Baker’s book will also do well and stand the test of time. I have my own book idea. I’ve been working on it and I will just keep going until I’m done and see what happens.

  5. That looks like a rather protective pose Mrs. Obama has with regards to her husband. That picture has made me see their relationship in a different light. Nice job, Mr. Baker! I’m looking forward to this book. Will it be an all-ages book? If it is, my 12-year old daughter would be very interested in checking it out.