Robert Goodin has launched a new blog called Covered, in which indie artists recreate classic comics covers. For instance, Johnny Ryan does UNCLE SCROOGE. Above is Jeffrey Brown’s recreation of a Marvel SECRET WARS classic. Our only note is that so far, artists are sticking really close to the originals, which is kind of…odd and fascinating in its own way.


  1. I looked at the site and the recreations pretty much just look like tracings. Anyone can do that. The artistry should be in the interpretation. At least Jeffrey Brown made Doc Doom more bloody with red blood instead of the inoffensive black blood on the original.

  2. They don’t look traced, even though most of them are pretty accurate dupes of the originals. The Carl Barks one is extremely simple, but it was clearly not traced (place one over the other in photoshop and you’ll see what I mean.)

    I like Hembeck’s the most so far (wish he had colored it).

    Is this game open to the general public?