The life of Steve Gerber

The Gerber Curse is an anonymously written online biography of the famed writer. Three chapters are up and more are planned. It’s fascinating reading, with historical background and analysis of Gerber’s best known works. According to the mysterious author: The Gerber Curse is a work in progress. As of this writing, there are three chapters […]

Comix Experience top sellers in 2008

Brian Hibbs , owner of SF’s Comix Experience, charts his store’s top sellers of the year — he can easily do this because he has a POS system, remember? You can read the whole list at his blog, but we’ll highlight the top 20 in periodicals: 1 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #132 BUFFY THE VAMPIRE […]

Studio coffee run: WATCHMEN, HEX, etc.

§ There’s a new Japanese WATCHMEN trailer. Take that, Fox! § Horton helmer hears a Hex! HORTON HEARS A WHO director Jimmy Hayward has been tapped to direct the JONAH HEX movie, which Josh Brolin is set to star in. Hayward began his career as an animator on the Canadian TV series “ReBoot” before becoming […]

Waid introduces HEXED promos

BOOM! Studios sent along links to two videos talking about their promotions for HEXED, a new series which will have a retailer incentive, full returnability AND day-and-date release on MySpace. Here’s a transcript of some of the relevant portions: On January 7th HEXED #1 hits comic shops across the nation, at the same time, you’ll […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Chris Mautner details early 2009 releases from Fantagraphics and Drawn and Quarterly and if you don’t see something there that makes your heart go pitter pat, you are definitely in the wrong place. § Rob Clough‘s My Top 50 Comics of the Year pretty much covers it, I think. § Brian Cronin’s monthly spotlight […]