BOOM! Studios sent along links to two videos talking about their promotions for HEXED, a new series which will have a retailer incentive, full returnability AND day-and-date release on MySpace. Here’s a transcript of some of the relevant portions:

On January 7th HEXED #1 hits comic shops across the nation, at the same time, you’ll be able to read it on MySpace Comic Books for free. Each issue after that will be in stores and online on the same day. To the comic fans out there who have never read a BOOM! book before? This is the one for you. We encourage you to try it before you buy it with HEXED #1, we encourage you to try it online, and if you like it, we want you to go into comic shops and buy a copy.

Now to our retail partners: we listened to your feedback on the NORTH WIND promotion. With that in mind we’re making HEXED #1 completely returnable. We’re doing this promotion because we really believe in this book. We’re taking this risk because we really believe in this book. Join us for a different kind of comic book event.

Here’s a second video in which Waid addresses retailers, since they were somewhat vexed the last time BOOM! tried a MySpace release, for North Wind earlier last year.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s a cover, by artist Emma Rios.

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