The dreary intercourse of comics life

Last week, perhaps laboring under a case of the winter doldrums, writer Steven Grant expressed his lack of enthusiasm for the year in comics just passed and thus, Dreary-gate was born: The story of this decade is the slow undermining of the creative process in comics. This is the real “final crisis” of 2008: everything […]

More layoffs at Tokyopop

Eight more staffers, including editor Bryce Coleman, were laid off from Tokyopop this week, as confirmed by marketing director Marco Pavia. The other staff cuts were from around the company. The move came in response to the bad economy. “It’s one of the worst selling periods in history,” Pavia said. “We’re trying to be responsive […]

Pulse memories

As we noted recently, the Pulse and, granddaddy of all mega-comics sites, has had a makeover recently, and the message baords have been given a state-of-the-art update. One of the interesting things about it is that you can now see page views, even though they are just from the update, which was a month […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

§ Brian Hibbs uses his part-time work at a library to observe that BONE is popular: Those always always always go back out the moment they come in (not even counting the Hold requests) — even when the kids have to read them OUT OF ORDER, they freaking fly off the shelf. Our library has […]

Criterion posters for sale

The New Criterion Collection,, the elite of DVD releases, is selling some gicleé prints of their covers including several by cartoon types. Details from the art are below — hit the link for the full pieces. • Jaime Hernandez’s Divorce Italian Style • Caitlin Kuhwald’s Amarcord • Bill Seinkiewicz’s Robinson Crusoe on Mars (PS: There’s […]

Speaking of Blog@…

Chris Mautner, why have you forsaken us? I digress, though those two possible introductions are in fact great indicators that you’re reading a pretentious list, I wanted to talk more about the lists themselves. I am not arguing at all that popularity equals quality. The problem is when things are seemingly shunned because of their […]

Personal to Blog@ Newsarama writers

When you put an image in, you need to put in spacing code so that the text doesn’t butt up right against the image. That looks nasty. I use 4 pixels like this: < vspace = "4" > < hspace = "4" > only without the spaces.