When you put an image in, you need to put in spacing code so that the text doesn’t butt up right against the image. That looks nasty. I use 4 pixels like this: < vspace = "4" > < hspace = "4" > only without the spaces.


  1. Better yet, get the folks who code the site to put some automatic spacing in, with CSS in the site’s stylesheet. Create a class for inline blog images and apply something like {margin: 4px;} to it.

  2. My peeve, and I see this on various mainstream media news sites, is when the article zigzags down the page. This is caused by an image anchored on the left margin, then having a lower ad anchored to the right margin. Sometimes, on longer articles, there’s an ad placed in the middle of the text, with no frame of ruling, which acts like a pothole for the eyes.

    Oh, and who invented those stupid hyperlinks with the pop-up windows? I’m moving my cursor across the screen, and the text is obscured by some floating window! I can understand if it refers to another article, but when it’s generic…GRR….

    Another peeve… orphan lines that wind up under a graphic, but do not connect to the text in the paragraph above. Your example above almost does this. Sometimes it’s caused by automatic resizing, but if the layout is static, it’s a big lazy mistake.

    (And I do not know about blog ettiquette. Should an image found from another site include a hyperlink to that site? Kind of like how the newspapers credit a photo source? I know one is not supposed to have your website automatically grab the image from the original site each time your page loads.)

    (And a question for Newsarama… Don’t you have a stylesheet which automatically formats blog posts and other articles? …This is the size and typeface for the headline. This is how we present your by-line. Pictures are anchored to the left margin. Related websites are footnoted at the bottom of the article for further reading…)

  3. What? Heidi, you actually READ that sh*t?!

    There isn’t enough spacing code to keep me away from that Wizard-esque site. I stopped paying attention to the propagandists at Newsarama a long time ago.

  4. Actually, the problem is with the css style sheet, not the bloggers. Whoever wrote the code set up a 10px margin between the text and a thumbnail image, but not if that thumbnail image is also a clickable link. The problem is that all their thumbnail images are also clickable links.

    If the [email protected] bloggers removed the link from whatever image they are posting, the image would look OK.

  5. “And apparently it will be fixed quickly.”

    Yeah, right, like the trouble many people are having posting at the site. You know, that posting problem they have been having since Imaginova changed the site oh so many months ago.