The New Criterion Collection,, the elite of DVD releases, is selling some gicleé prints of their covers including several by cartoon types. Details from the art are below — hit the link for the full pieces.

Hernandez Print 1608

Jaime Hernandez’s Divorce Italian Style

Kuhwald Print 1608

Caitlin Kuhwald’s Amarcord

Seinkiewicz Print 1608

Bill Seinkiewicz’s Robinson Crusoe on Mars (PS: There’s a CRITERION COLLECTION EDITION OF ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS????? Where can I join the Paul Mantee fan club?)

Cooke Print 1608

Darwyn Cooke’s Monsters and Madmen collection: a set of four prints from the covers of The Atomic Submarine, Corridors of Blood, First Man into Space, and The Haunted Strangler