As we noted recently, the Pulse and, granddaddy of all mega-comics sites, has had a makeover recently, and the message baords have been given a state-of-the-art update. One of the interesting things about it is that you can now see page views, even though they are just from the update, which was a month or so ago. We were curious to see which had the highest page views, and were touched to see a few of them were ours from way back in the day. Like this story from October 2003: “MARVEL: THE JEMAS YEARS” ENDS ITS RUN. Holy crap! We’d never get away with writing a news story like this today!

It appears that another chapter in Marvel’s always tumultuous history has come to an end with the finale to Bill Jemas’ run at the top. Sources tell the Pulse that Jemas, Marvel’s President of Publishing & New Media, has been removed from any input on editorial, moved to a smaller office when he isn’t working out of his home, and is expected to be leaving when his contract expires in January.

Wow, where are all those “insiders” who used to love to talk to us five years ago? Either we’ve gotten lazy or all our sources have retired.

Even more nostalgic was this February ’03 interview with Dan DiDio:

THE PULSE: One of the things the Ultimates line does address is the difficulty for new readers to break into reading the comics.

DIDIO: You know what? Go back to Jim and Jeph’s BATMAN. For those people who were out there reading BATMAN we found a way to get back to the core of the characters and give them the stories they wanted to see. It’s very hard to achieve that level of success and there’s not that many characters you could do it with, but that goes back to your question about Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. These are the characters we should be doing it with.

See, the All-Star line was a-brewin’ then.

Coincidentally, Val also had fun with an old DiDio interview recently.


  1. Seriously, I remember reading that when the Beat first wrote it. That was only 5 years ago?!? Sheesh…