Hitting too close to home

Did this happen to anyone else? We had three different people we know send us a link to yesterday’s CUL DE SAC by Richard Thompson. Also, you should get the first CUL DE SAC collection. As Tom would likely tell you, it’s one of the best newspaper strips around these days. posted by Mark Coale

Bye-bye, Borders?

Well, as you may have heard, what with massive global economic distress, it’s a dicey time right now for everyone. Comics and graphic novels seems to be riding their wave of growth for now, but no one who is following the news thinks the comics biz will get a pass. There could be big changes […]

DMP cancellations

Digital Manga has been reorganizing of late, with layoffs and a large reduction in monthly output. We’ve received Diamond’s list of canceled titles; please note, this doesn’t mean these books are never coming out, it just means they are not scheduled for release right now. All You Need is Love Volume Knights Volume 2 Physical […]

Pavia updates Tokyopop

ICV2 catches up with Tokyopop’s Associate Publisher, Marco Pavia, who updates their publishing plans. Part One: Just to be clear (I know there have been a lot of Internet rumors), we have not cancelled any series; we’ve really just adjusted the release pattern of certain series. This allows us to have a more narrowly focused […]

Del Rey announces King/Straub monthly comic

Continuing what seems to have been a successful foray into comics adaptations and continuations of established fantasy/sf/horror books, Del Rey will publish a MONTHLY COMIC adaptation of The Talisman, by Stephen King and Peter Straub, for late summer/early fall 2009. To our knowledge, this is Del Rey’s first periodical-type comic. Clearly, they have been inspired […]

STAN’S SOAPBOX cover released

The Hero Initiative has released the final cover of their collection of Stan’s Soapbox and announced a very limited edition hardcover (below), and an even more exclusive signed hardcover. Stan’s Soapbox: The Collection, our 144-page tome collecting ALL Stan Lee’s kickass “Soapboxes” from 1967-1980, will be in stores on November 19. It’s available in softcover […]

Quick links

§ CNNMoney looks at Marvel with an unusual angle: the recent success of the PUBLISHING arm: But here’s a secret about comics that has been hiding in plain view amid all the cinematic hoopla: At Marvel Entertainment (MVL), the industry’s largest player, revenues for its print wares have been growing in double digits for the […]

Studio catch-up

A few stories of note that ran while we were away: The upcoming SHERLOCK HOLMES movie directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson is TOTALLY A COMIC BOOK MOVIE, because, you see , screenwriter Lionel Wigram wrote a comic book “re-imagining” of the character to get […]

New York Comic-Con registration opens

A press release reminds us that we have less than four months until New York Comic-Con, and registration is live. Professional FREE registration is only open until November 15th, so DON’T DILLY-DALLY! Officials at New York Comic Con have today announced that registration for the next show, which will take place February 6 – 8 […]