TONIGHT: we need another HEROES

HEROES returns for its third season tonight, and after what almost everyone agrees was a sloppy sophomore session, the reviews are pretty good for the “VILLAINS” themed season, or at least different, says the LA Times: A supersonic hit when it premiered two seasons ago, “ Heroes” fell into disarray last season, going on an […]

TINTIN movie woes

Sign of the times, or maybe studio bigwigs weren’t big fans of INDY IV or KING KONG III, but Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have had a hard time getting financing for their proposed TINTIN motion-capture trilogy, with Universal — previously Spielberg’s safe haven — turning it down, Claudia Eller reported: But after they submitted […]

Toonami shuts down

..and God Len at Japanator has the obit… Cartoon Network has sadly broke the news that as of today, the 20th of September, Toonami will end all scheduled programming, and die. This, in actuality, isn’t so sad seeing as the only anime to appear on this block currently is Naruto. What is sad is that […]


§ Steve Duin reviews Telling Stories: The Comic Art of Frank Frazetta unenthusiastically, but along the way, he points us to this blog, which reprints such gobsmacking Frazetta stuff as the above. § Legendary artist Jules Feiffer is collaborating with composer Andrew Lippa on a musical for Disney. It’s based on Feiffer’s The Man in […]

Jim Lee to throw out first pitch

Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend, and as usual, the Orioles are at home, but this time, the con is crossing over, as Jim Lee will throw out the first pitch at Friday night’s game. Comic book super star, Jim Lee, will help kick off the 9th annual Baltimore Comic-Con at Oriole Park at Camden Yards […]

World comics news roundup

§ In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, innocent teens are at risk from racy comics, in a news story inexplicably illustrated with UNDERSTANDING COMICS, and authorities are promising decisive action! Nga explained that the lifestyles of Vietnamese teenagers are typically quieter than those of foreign teenagers, including those who live in developed Asian countries like […]

New SPIRIT posters!

New, startling poster images from THE SPIRIT featuring male cast members have shown up on UGO, and here’s the one featuring The Spirit himself. Keen-eyed observers will note that he no longer wears a blue suit. Click the link for Sam Jackson as the Octopus. Speaking of director Frank MIller, he was just over in […]

Stephen Chow is Kato!

The Green Hornet movie has been hanging around for a while, first as an unsuccessful attempt at a Kevin Smith action picture (before Smith admitted that having him direct an action picture was probably a ghastly idea), and then as a rumored vehicle for Seth Rogen, confirming that this is a movie that can only […]


It’s been a while — three years — since there was a new collection of Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law, but next month, THE SODDYSSEY presents several long out of print stories in new, remastered editions. You can read a 20-page excerpt here, using the Issuu interface. PR below: The Soddyssey collects issues 9-16 of the […]