Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend, and as usual, the Orioles are at home, but this time, the con is crossing over, as Jim Lee will throw out the first pitch at Friday night’s game.

Comic book super star, Jim Lee, will help kick off the 9th annual Baltimore Comic-Con at Oriole Park at Camden Yards Friday, September 26th. Jim will throw out the first pitch before the Orioles meet the Toronto Blue Jays and then sign autograghs for fans at the ballpark to help awareness for the weekend convention next door.

“We know how well he can draw Batman — let’s see if he can throw a strike,” promoter Marc Nathan said.

Fans for the convention can witness this themselves, as the Orioles are offering a discounted group rate for visitors coming into town for the Baltimore Comic-Con. Tickets begin as low at $8 for both Friday and Saturday nights’ games.

On Friday night, the game will begin at 7:05pm, so fans who wish to see Jim deliver that first pitch should be in their seats 20 minutes ahead of time, at 6:45pm.

“The Orioles recognize how many people come to our event downtown,” continued Marc, “and they wanted to enhance everyone’s experience. All you have to do is mention that you are with the Baltimore Comic-Con group, and the discounts will apply. They have also made an easy-to-fill-out form to help chose which kind of seat you prefer.”

Please go to Gate “H”, the Orioles Main Box Office, to present your completed form. See our website for more details about the event and the show, and for copies of the form –

There will be fireworks at the end of Friday’s game to celebrate the weekend.


  1. $8 bucks? Geez. Camden Yards is such an amazing and affordable park. Meanwhile I’m stuck here in Boston with Fenway. It was cheaper and easier to see the Red Sox at Camden Yard than to see them at home.

  2. Wait… isn’t this the same Jim Lee that Todd McFarlane (time after time) has made fun of for his lack of baseball chops? His batting cage saga, and so on? I like Lee and I think it’s great that he gets the honor… but it seems odd after years of hearing the Lee baseball stories from the Image Comics days.

    Perhaps he has improved? Good deal.

  3. I will be at Baltimore Comic Con on Sunday. I wish my day job allowed me to have an evening. Heidi, will you be there this weekend or will you be at NYAF for PW?

  4. I just happened to be in Baltimore and at Camden Yards very recently for a Diamond related thingie and yes, to a New Yorker Camden Yards is shockingly inexpensive. For $9 (an upper deck seat) I got into the park at about 5pm, 2 hours before game time, roamed the entire joint, swilled ballpark brew and wolfed down italiam sausages (cost extra but not bad) until they finally had to call the game because of rain. Great ballpark. Couldn’t ask for a nicer way to kill a couple of hours even if they did call the game.

    Go, Jim!! He’s a super fan as well as a comics superstar so I’m sure he’ll represent and throw a strike.

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