HEROES returns for its third season tonight, and after what almost everyone agrees was a sloppy sophomore session, the reviews are pretty good for the “VILLAINS” themed season, or at least different, says the LA Times:

A supersonic hit when it premiered two seasons ago, “ Heroes” fell into disarray last season, going on an incomprehensible world tour and spending too much time in ancient Japan. In such a hero-saturated market, how could they rebound with Season 3?
Apparently, by focusing on villains, or at least that’s the subtitle — “Volume Three: Villains” and presumably that’s the plan. NBC made only the first of tonight’s two-hour premiere available to critics, but it was short on heroics and long on dark foreshadowing.

OR this, from the Chicago Trib:

The third season kicks off Monday with an hourlong chat with the cast followed by two new episodes. The first episode, “The Second Coming,” is aptly titled. It succeeds in resurrecting the show. At times, the show’s liberal use of time jumping makes it hard to follow. On “Heroes,” things are seldom plotted in a linear fashion, and “The Second Coming” is no exception. The first scene, already shown in commercials, opens four years in the future with a dark-haired Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) pointing a gun at Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia).

We’re very lacking in HEROES-fu, so we will rely on our faithful readers to tell us thumbs up or down.


  1. Personally, I thought the biggest problem with season two wasn’t their fault at all – truncating things because of the writer’s strike REALLY messed up the stories and pacing. Some other problems – bringing back Syler too soon, the boring and whiny South American siblings, etc. – were all on the writers. But in general, I don’t think it was too bad and I’m looking forward to what this season brings!

  2. As it so happens, a future version of me wearing a samurai sword and an eyepatch — that way I know he lived in an evil future — just showed up and spent an hour convincing me that the show kind of bites and I should probably just watch Monday Night Football.

  3. For the Hero fans, their website won an Emmy yesterday.
    hmmm… dark depressing thought: what if the absence of time travelers from the future was a result of there being no future? And if I was a time traveler from the future, I certainly wouldn’t want to meet a younger me! Too embarrassing!

  4. I still enjoy the show, and I thought season 2 was much more interesting than season 1. They traded in some of the action for backstory, and some people can’t stand anything that’s not run and gun.

    Good start to season 3. I don’t want to have to wait until it’s out on dvd to catch up like I do with almost everything else. It’s one of the few shows I watch while everyone else on the planet watch Dancing with the Stars and American Idol as their brains rot away.

    Thank you, TV, for Heroes.

  5. Well I saw it, it was ok. They certainly have quickened the pace and upped the action, and did a some obvious things I’m just interested enough to keep watching for the time being.

  6. Eh, maybe I’ll watch one more episode but it’s no longer must watch tv. Actually the only sci-fi show I’m enjoing is The Sarah Conner Chronicles. For a truely great show with great characters and great writing that is unlike anything else, try Pushing Daises (new season starts October 1st and the first season came out on dvd last week).

  7. I thought it was okay (lots of new developments and forward motion), but they sure are wearing their influences on their sleeves. There were bits recycled from THE FLY and HANNIBAL… and (dare I say it)… THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT.

    And enough already with preventing future cataclysms. Does every season have to invoke this plot point in some way?

  8. So, if you cut Claire’s head off, like momma Petrelli saw in her dream, would her body “heal” itself by growing a new head, or would her head “heal” itself by growing a new body? Or both? Two Claires! That would be one wacky future.

  9. If I understand her powers correctly she’d be dead until you stuck her head back on her body. Which sort of takes the legs out from underneath the “can’t be killed” thing, because all you have to do is keep her from being put back together. Could Claire heal from being put through a wood chipper?

  10. Man, that was lousy.

    Why didn’t Hiro just go back 15 minutes to before he opened the safe? That was hardly the same thing as going back to 17th-c Japan.


  11. Fun but dopey. Why didn’t Peter Petrelli CAUTION his brother rather than SHOOTING him?

    See, good communication skills are essential.

    I hope Ali Lartner gets to make out with me someday – you know, for HER sake.

  12. The show isn’t bad but the emphasis on time travel is killing it for me just as it did so many other shows in the past. Of all the concepts in Sci-Fi, time travel is the lamest and the most boring.

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