Brian Cunningham out at Wizard

The grapevine is buzzing today with news that Executive Editor Brian Cunningham has been let go from his position at Wizard. Cunningham had been with the magazine since 1991 in one position or another, and was promoted to his current position only last year. He joins a long, long list of recent redundancies at the […]

WATCHMEN: 900,000 > 300,000

First it was 200K, then 250K, then 300k…now the NY Times reports that 900,000 more copies of WATCHMEN have been printed since the trailer debuted. Thus there will be about one million copies of WATCHMEN in print this year. Last year, about 100,000 copies were sold.

Kirkman: do your own thing

Robert Kirkman took to the bytewaves at CBR yesterday to deliver a video editorial explaining that he left Marvel Comics to save comics. The basic thrust of the piece (once you get past the alarming DELIVERANCE-style banjo picking at the beginning) is that prose writers don’t aspire to write Moby Dick II, so why should […]

Nick announces Best Kids’ Graphic Novel Awards

With so much good stuff being done again, it’s about time: Nickelodeon Magazine, the leading entertainment and humor magazine for kids, has announced its first-ever “Best Kids’ Graphic Novel” Awards, taking place in spring 2009. The Awards will honor the best comic books and animated novels for kids published across the U.S. The submission process […]

Bell to produce Everett book

Via PR, Blake Bell is following up his Steve Ditko book with one on Bill Everett, creator of the Sub-Mariner, and donating 10 percent of his royalties for the book to the Hero Initiative. Bill Everett: Fire and Water is due in 2009. More PR below: Bell has announced that he will be donating 10% […]

Stan Lee’s “Soapboxes” collected!

ITEM! You won’t believe your eyes, True Believer! Hero Initiative is collecting Stan Lee’s “Soapboxes” from classic Marvel comics! In this one scintillating volume, you’ll see how comic book hype was born and learn techniques that are still being mined today! Here’s the ever-lovin’ hype (note cover not final!): The wit and wisdom of the […]

Help save softball!

If you’re are like me, you are watching the Olympics, which is shorthand for bouts of gymnastics interrupted by endless play by play, minutely detailed, microscopic examination of women’s beach volleyball. Seriously, how is this even a sport? I mean, we all know the answer to that, but why is it a sport that has […]